Purpose built from the ground up

Voice Controlled Browser

Coming soon

Designed for Voice Control

This browser has been designed from scratch to be voice controlled, not shoe horned into a regular browser.

Continually Updated

Voice Controlled Browser has many features that are easy to use via voice control.


Just awesome.


Frequently asked questions about the Voice Controlled Browser project.

Q.What is Voice Controlled Browser?

A. It is a Windows application that allows you to navigate web pages, save/view favourites (and more) just like a regular browser, but by using voice commands.

Q.How can I use it?

A. Every piece of functionality of this simple browser can be used by saying an 'awake' word, then a command.

Q.Who is it for?

A. It is for anyone whom whishes to browse the internet with only their voice.

Q.When will it be launched?

A. Voice Controlled Browser is currently in development. It will be launched later this year.